Privacy Notice
Under social investigation and study in the job market, the purpose of this survey is to have a better understanding of the LGTBQI community situation at work. This information will help ManpowerGroup advocate for diversity and inclusion.  ManpowerGroup is the data controller.
Participating in the survey is voluntary, and you can choose to answer only the questions you feel comfortable with. We appreciate your support and sincerity to provide the best value to the study.
Diversity information falls under the “special categories of data” in GDPR if it is identifiable. For this reason, this survey is conducted completely anonymously, and your identity won’t be tracked by any means.
For ensuring the anonymity we introduce the following technical and organizational measures in addition:

    • The site doesn’t track any cookies and IP addresses are reduced to the leading 24 bits
    • The raw data is deleted one month after the survey is completed
    • ManpowerGroup receives the pre-defined reports with the following rules regarding the granularity of the aggregation levels:
      • The statistical numbers delivered to ManpowerGroup are only aggregated data of groups consisting of more than 10 people
      • The lowest reporting statistics are at the country level, no reports are created on lower levels

Any privacy questions or concerns please contact to your country data protection officer